Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Vipera Eyes, Jacko Eyes, Raven makeup!

Got some new releases and a bit of news for you today :)

First, the newness: Vipera Eyes!

Devae. Eyes: Vipera

Have you been looking for some good snake eyes and found that cat and neko eyes just aren't cutting for you? Give these a try! I modeled them on a photo of an actual viper's eye, so they're pretty dang snake-y. There's a wearable demo, as usual, so you can give them a whirl for free.

There are the standard colors -

Devae. Eyes: Vipera standard colors

And there is a gacha! 15L per play -

Devae. Eyes: Vipera Gacha!

Hope you like them as much as I do!

Next up, the Jacko eyes and the Raven makeups, previously at the Don't Panic! and Eastwick Hunt events are now available at the shop! All the hunt and event colors are there, plus a few new ones. Here's a refresher course:

Devae. Eyes: Jacko

Devae. Eyes: Jacko colors

Devae. Paints: Raven eye makup

Devae. Paints: Raven makeup colors

And last but not least, I've got some neat events coming up and I'm pretty excited about them. The soonest one is Horrorfestive and Bleak Midwinter Hunt, which starts on December 11th! Here's a bit of an artsy sneak peek of one my items for it -
Seasons and Hours

Also, keep an eye out for these events coming in January -

Leaf on the Wind

Enjoy and have fun!

~ Ruina

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