Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Winds of Change!

I'm really excited to announce two pieces of news for .{Rue}.! Drumroll please ....

#1: I have a partner!

My friend Themis Enzo has done me the honor of joining the brand .{Rue}. <3 She will be creating under the brand, and may even be bringing in some of her favorite Favole items! She'll be helping out a lot with the advertising too, so expect her name to be attached to blogposts, notecards, messages and the like. We also have some plans stewing of collaborations, which is pretty exciting. While she'll be managing a lot of the public face of .{Rue}., I do recommend for product questions and issues to contact the person who made the item (in other words, check the items' properties for the creator). It's not a big deal if you get the wrong person, as we'll pass the messages on to each other, but it will probably be faster for *you* if you contact the particular creator directly.

Anyway, Themis is awesome and I'm so very delighted to be working with her :D

#2: We have a new blogger request system!

It's pretty well explained if you click on that link up there, but the gist is this: Instead of keeping a list of bloggers, we'll be granting requests on a per item basis. There will be a limit of how many requests per item per year (we'll reset our records every New Years). Although we've given out things before, we're resetting everything starting now. That means any item, old or new, as long as it's available somewhere (and yes, the marketplace counts) can be requested. Because the limit per item is very small, unless you request a particular color, we'll be giving out the fatpack! There's more details, but I will leave that to those who are interested to investigate ;)

In addition, we'll be posting the links to blog posts featuring our items on a new page called "Featured" as an added thank you to all the people who show off our stuff. Top positions will of course be granted to those who've made requests and been accepted by us.

There will be other shifts and changes as Themis and I figure out our rhythm, and we'll keep you posted on anything significant.

<3 Ruina "Sunshine Tentacles" Kessel


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