Tuesday, April 23, 2013

.{Rue}. in Horror Haute!

Ahoy mateys! .{Rue}. is participating in Horror Haute this month -cheers-. So if you're at all into corsets then you might enjoy this months round, it's limited edition to just this event and afterwards you shall not see them again for sale! There will be no exceptions even if you send me a pretty please on top ;).  This lovely corset comes in two texture styles, one solid black and one black with faded red near the bottom. It is mesh so it requires a mesh enabled viewer, it comes in xxs,xs,s,m,l,xl,xxl so 7 sizes! if you're curious there is a demo located with it so try the demo before purchase!


Have a great day everyone, kiss kiss <3

.{Rue}. Team
Ruina Kessel 'Sunshine Tentacles'
Themis Enzo 'Feather of Ma'at'

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