Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Useful Disasters

Well. I have lost a huge amount of computer files for the second time. Included in this recent loss were all of my ad and product templates, as well as a lot of collected resources (both free and purchased). So, you know, that sucks.

I am nothing if not fairly resilient, however. So, I'm going to use this opportunity to clean house, organize, and start from scratch. Which means a lot of behind the scenes work that will likely take a lot of time in which you will see nothing from me. But I am not giving up. So have no fear - I may be quiet, but I am not gone.

It will also mean a few changes to my stuff, some of which probably doesn't matter that much to you, but I'm gonna tell you anyway because I'm weird and honest like that.

So! The stuff that doesn't matter:

  • New ads. And since I'm making a new template, I'm gonna redo all my old ads. Because I like visual consistency.
  • New logo, probably. I'm probably going to stick with the same basic idea, but I have to make it over again. Which means I'll probably get a new idea and then it'll turn into something odd. My shop is still called Rue, though, so at least there's no brand changing.
Stuff that might possibly probably matter:
  • New item "tagging". What I mean by this is the actual item names as they show up in inventory will be changed. Mainly I'll be changing my "brand tag" to .{R}. (rather than .{Rue}.). There may be other minor adjustments, like how I delineate left and right (for eye prims) and such. But rest assured the product name and the color name *will* stay the same.
  • Converting my oldies. I get so many requests for my old House of Ruin items! So, I'm going to fold them into the .{Rue}. brand properly - they'll be dropping their "oldies" tag, and getting their naming freshened up to be consistent with the rest of my stuff.
  • New packaging setups ... maybe. I keep thinking about how I package stuff and what sells, so I'm considering altering the way some of my stuff is offered. Mainly with the horns. But I'm not decided yet, so ... yeah. I don't know.
That's all I can think of for now. If something else significant changes, I'll post here and let you all know.

Thanks for sticking with me through all my crap. I really appreciate it. <3


  1. Oh, ack. Believe me, I more than understand how that goes. (Though amusingly, I've taken tonight to start going through the Cassiopeia eyes on the blog, so wau, timing.)

    I'll look forward to what you come up with next!

  2. So glad you are not giving up on the merchant biz. We can take a few bumps if you can.

    If I may be so bold.... filter inventory for RUE is a lot easier than .{R}.

    but you are the best either way!
    ...bats her eyes in a fetching way...

    1. Hmmm, that is good to know actually! Thank you for saying so, I appreciate the input and will look at better tags :)

      And thank you <3

  3. Oh my, what a headache :( but at least you have the right attitude.

    1. Thanks! I think maybe my brain's been wanting a chance to clean up a bunch of this stuff anyway, so it's just as well :) And support from folks like you (and everyone else who's commented ^^) make it all worth it :)

  4. *hugs* Just wanted to say hi, Rue! I've been super busy volunteering at my kids' school and with them, but I'm looking forward to some new eyes when I log back in!


    1. HEY LADY! *hugs* Good to see you! Volunteering sounds like potential good times, glad to hear you're alive and kicking!

      Oh damn, and I still have sets of eyes in my inventory that have never been released >.< So yeah, I should get on that! lol


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