Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Grimalkin Re-Released with OMEGA appliers!

This is just a little notice - I've re-released the Grimalkin eyes with Omega appliers, so you can now wear them with any mesh eye that's OMEGA enabled!

Grimalkin eyes, back at Devae.!

I missed these <3

{Rue} Eyes / Grimalkin colorchart

There's enormous 108 colors, in sets of 6, all with system eyes, prim eyes, mesh eyes, and OMEGA appliers. Come try the wearable rainbowy demo, or pick yourself up a set or two in world at Devae. There are also some OMEGA mesh eyes there if you don't have any and want some! I actually prefer them - I find it easier to just have to adjust one set of eyes to my avatar, rather than every individual color, so being able to just wear a HUD and change my eyes suits me great! The OMEGA eyes are very inexpensive, so it's pretty easy to give it a whirl and see if it's for you.

You can find the OMEGA eyes vendor on the right side of the eye section (entering from the landing point) of the shop


Friday, October 28, 2016

The Baroness & The Diabolist

I have two new eyes for you, and I think they are quite lovely :)

First! New pentagram eyes just in time for Halloween, and the Arcanum 10th anniversary extravaganza!

Devae. Diabolist Eyes

Unlike Thaumaturge, these have very large irises and dark sclera for a more animalistic/monsterous appearance. The pentagrams are delightfully subtle, more so in the dark colors than the light.

Devae. Diabolist Eyes (standards)

Devae. Diabolist Eyes (gachas)

You'll find these at my booth in the market for the Arcanum event! As a bonus, I've hidden 10 extra colors around the sim in 5 cauldrons as part of the sim hunt -

Devae. Diabolist Eyes (specials)

After the event, these special colors will only be available in the fatpack, so get hunting!


Second, released last month, are The Baroness eyes -

Eyes of the Baroness

They are inspired by the artwork of Tamara de Lempicka, sometimes known as "The Baroness with a Brush". These eyes have a slightly doll-like painterly look, and despite their simplicity I find them to be quite entrancing when worn. Be sure to try the demo!

Devae. Baroness Eyes (standards)

Devae. Baroness Eyes (gachas)

You'll find these at the mainshop!

Enjoy darlings!

Thursday, December 24, 2015

Re-issue: Lupine Eyes!

Devae. Eyes/Lupine

Hello darlings! Today I bring you the news that the Lupine eyes, those delightfully wolf inspired eyes of yesteryear, have been updated with mesh contacts and OMEGA appliers, and put back out for your shopping pleasure!

Here's the full collection of colors:

Devae. Eyes/Lupine color index

Right now you can find them at the shop, but I'll work on getting them up on the MP too. I'll post an MP link when they're done! Enjoy!

Saturday, November 7, 2015

Painterly Miniskirts

These skirts and this post have been a long time in coming! I actually started the skirts ages ago, but there were so many colors that it was hard to slog through all the work AND also deal with RealLife(tm) things. But they are here! Finished! And even on the Marketplace :D

Click on the pics for a larger view:

Devae. Attire / The Artist Miniskirts

All bajillion colors:

Devae. Attire / Artist Miniskirts bajillion colors

And there's a special color just in the Fatpack. It's my favorite :)

Devae. Attire / Artist Miniskirts (fatpack special)

The skirts are mesh, come in 5 sizes with plenty of room for the junk in your trunk. Alphas included of course, and a demo available. You can find them at the shop, or on the Marketplace!


Thursday, July 9, 2015

Do you need a Bikini?

Yes, you do! Introducing the Ringkini Bikini, a delightfully sparkly strapless 'kini for your summertime pleasure!

Devae. Attire: The Ringkini Bikini

This lovely swimwear comes in 18 delicious colors, each with 5 sizes -

Devae. Attire: The Ringkini Bikini Colors!

And don't forget to try the *wearable* demo, Deo Love!

Devae. Attire: Ringkini - Deo Love

All available at the inworld shop AND on the Marketplace! Enjoy!

Friday, June 19, 2015

Shadow Eyes are available again!

Hello dreamers, it's been ages! As some of you may have noticed, I've gradually been putting up the Shadow Eyes (from way back in the House of Ruin days) on the Marketplace as singles! And now I have finished and they are all up there!


Each eye now has system, prim, mesh, and OMEGA appliers (so you can use them with your Yabusaka petites or any other OMEGA enabled mesh eyes!). Don't know what the OMEGA applier system is? Check it out at their website here!


Friday, January 9, 2015

Warpaint, halos, and events!

This month Devae. is in two events and I have a new release for each!

First off up is "Timekiller", an intimate, gothy start to the year hosted by slGoth magazine that runs until the 18th of January. The theme is 'time' and there is a great collection of designers and lots of events. Read more about it here.

My item for this event is the Janus Halo, a glowy clock halo in two sets overflowing with pretty colors.

Devae. Frills/Janus Halo

Devae. Frills/Janus Halo - Metals colorsDevae. Frills/Janus Halo - Birthstone colors

Teleport to Timekiller

The second event is "Leaf on the Wind", an awesome London themed benefit for Scarlet Chandrayaan that runs until February 2nd. You can read all the details and track the donations on the website here.

My item for the event is a set of 8 makeups (4 designs) inspired by the history of Boudicca, who burned Londinium to the ground in revenge.

Coming soon to Leaf on the Wind event!

Teleport to Leaf on the Wind

Note! both items are discounted 25% off for the duration of the event, so pick em up today! And have fun!