Saturday, November 7, 2015

Painterly Miniskirts

These skirts and this post have been a long time in coming! I actually started the skirts ages ago, but there were so many colors that it was hard to slog through all the work AND also deal with RealLife(tm) things. But they are here! Finished! And even on the Marketplace :D

Click on the pics for a larger view:

Devae. Attire / The Artist Miniskirts

All bajillion colors:

Devae. Attire / Artist Miniskirts bajillion colors

And there's a special color just in the Fatpack. It's my favorite :)

Devae. Attire / Artist Miniskirts (fatpack special)

The skirts are mesh, come in 5 sizes with plenty of room for the junk in your trunk. Alphas included of course, and a demo available. You can find them at the shop, or on the Marketplace!


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