Sunday, July 24, 2011

New Release & Moody Monday once again :)

It's about that time for some new stuff :)

I have 4 new hornsets and 1 re-release. Age before beauty, eh? :P

The re-release is Dauphin:
.{Rue}. Horn'd / Dauphin

And the Four new horns are: Hooligan, Prophet, Ironsmith, and the enormous Queen!
.{Rue}. Horn'd / Hooligan .{Rue}. Horn'd / Prophet
.{Rue}. Horn'd / Ironsmith .{Rue}. Horn'd / Queen

And, as always, there are the special "Hobgoblin" packs of each of the new horns for Moody Monday! Remember, this pack is exclusive to Moody Mondays, which means after Monday, you will not be able to get these horns in these colors again!

NEW! .{Rue}. Horn'd Textures: Hobgoblin (Moody Mondays exclusive)
Find everything at the Ctrl Shift H location! Eventually it'll all be up on the Marketplace too.

Oooo another quick note! I have a new little satellite shop at EverWilde! I put some some stuff there that's not at Ctrl Shift H for now (like the DreamWarrior face paints), but I'll have some special EverWilde releases soon enough. I also have my 7Seas custom fishing prizes down at the EverWilde fishing pond, so check it out!

<3 Rue

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