Thursday, December 11, 2014

The time has come, Horrorfestive has arrived!

Hey friends, this will be quick and dirty because I have real life guests to prepare for! So without further ado ...

Horrorfestive is LIVE! Here is your TAXI! And here is what I have on offer ...

The All-Seer set .... 10 colors of creepy weirdness for the clairvoyant in you!

Devae. Frills/The All-SeeDevae. Eyes/Wild Hunt GACHAr set


The Wild Hunt eyes! Will you be the hunter or the prey?

Devae. Eyes/Wild Hunt

Devae. Eyes/Wild Hunt color index

Devae. Eyes/Wild Hunt GACHA

Because of prim limits for the event, I just have a few choice individual colors out, but you can pick up the fatpack too, which is also 100% donation to the cause :)

Oh, and btw, everything at Horrorfestive is 25% off for the event (except the gacha, because it's super cheap)!

There is also a hunt that starts tomorrow, but if you find my item, you can have my gift early ;)
Update: Unfortunately, because there were too many stores late with their setup, the hunt has been cancelled. I will leave my item out, but I will be deleting the connecting LM. 12/11/2014

ENJOY and Merry fucking Christmas :D

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