Sunday, September 14, 2014

New! Dreamer Eyes

Introducing the Dreamer Eyes!

Devae. Dreamer Eyes
  • 20 colors
  • 60L per color, 600L for the Fatpack
  • Copy/Mod/No Trans
Available Standard colors:

Devae. Dreamer Eyes

All colors have system eyes, prim eyes, mesh eyes, and petite sized eyes for each, and of course there's a wearable demo for you to try out.

And now, for the first time, I've put out a Gacha too!

Devae. Dreamer Eyes GACHA

Gacha release:
  • 15 wild and funky color mixes
  • 15L per play, no fatpack, no rares (so equal chances for all colors)
  • No copy/Mod/Trans
Devae. Dreamer Eyes GACHA!

You can find both the standard colors and the gacha machine together near the shop landing point! Come on over, try your luck, and have some fun!

Your taxi to Devae.!

EDIT: OH! Quick note! Thank you so much to everyone who has taken my little survey, I really appreciate it! It's still collecting responses and I'd love to get even more input, so if you haven't done it, or you know someone who hasn't but is familiar with my creations, please do/encourage! It's very short, only 3 questions! Thank you! Here's the link!

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