Saturday, September 20, 2014

New: Cnidaria GACHA!

I have another new fun thing for you my lovelies! Something much bigger than eyes this time ...

Devae. Frills/Cnidaria Regalia GACHA

The Cnidaria Regalia is a fun, floaty set of 5 attachments reminiscent of seaweed, jellyfish, and anemones. In fact, the name "Cnidaria" comes from the phylum that jellyfish and anemones belong to, and it means "nettle". It's pronounced "nEYE dare ee uh" ... yep, the c is silent!

The gacha is 25L to play, there are 16 colors to win, and there are no rares, so you get equal chances at all of them! The gacha machine is out now at the shop, so drop on by and give it a whirl!

Oh! I almost forgot! Here's a couple of gifs that give you a little bit of an idea how floaty the flexi is -


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