Thursday, November 22, 2012

Skin Addiction's BLACK FRIDAY Weekend Sale Event!

Shockingly, I have some news!

Skin Addiction's Black Friday Event @ .{Rue}.

 .{Rue}. is in Skin Addiction's Black Friday Weekend Sale event this year. I wasn't able to make special new skins in time, alas. So instead I've put out some iconically Christmas and Winter colors of the Anima and Pneuma skins for 50% off!

SA/Black Friday sale colors
Available colors, left to right: Yuki-onna, Ares, Savitr, Silvia, Asteria, and Tsukuyomi

So this is how it works: You have to be in the Skin Addiction group to get the discount. When you purchase the skins, you pay full price, and then the vendor automatically refunds you 50% of the purchase price!

HOWEVER! I have a small SNAFU. My Skin Addiction joiner keeps mysteriously disappearing, and I didn't have time to snag Voshie for a new one before Thanksgiving. SO. If you are not in the Skin Addiction group, this process is going to be a tad bit more complicated. Here's what you'll need to do:

Go to this location (it's the Skin Addiction HQ)

... then click on this group joiner:

Skin Addiction Group Joiner @ the HQ

... *then* go to .{Rue}. and buy skins!

Thanks in advance for your patience, and much love to you over this insane Thanksgiving/Black Friday weekend!

<3 Ruina "Sunshine Tentacles" Kessel

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