Thursday, November 29, 2012

New Ads & setup for horns

Alright, a couple hurdles down: New logo, new ads, new horns set up!

First, the new logo:

.{Rue}.'s new logo :)

New ads:

.{Rue}. Eyes / Cassiopeia *New Ad Style*

I'm really quite please with these. :)

New Horns Setup:

New Ad style & new horns setup
Click through to Flickr to look at bigger sizes where you can read the tiny print
EDIT: the aqua color pack is supposed to be "Siren" lol

Observe: "new" colors on offer! I use quotes because they aren't actually new. Some are from previous packs that I've broken up - Nymph colors have been split between the new Pixie pack and the new Salamander pack, Seraph pack lost a few colors and has been renamed Seraphim (to denote the difference), and the old Hobgoblin set has lost a color and become the Hob pack. I've also put out the Siren pack, which was previously reserved for 7 seas fishing.

All of which means there are now TEN color packs to get your horn fix in, and the fatpack has all 100 horns! I've also decided to drop the price a tad, permanently  Colorpacks are now L$125 each, and the fatpack is L$625 (half of what it would be to purchase all the colorpacks individually).

So, right now, Archivist is out, in the store, in the new packs - purchaseable! It's the only one done as of this moment, but I can now work through rest more easily having this all set up.

<3 Ruina


  1. In that pic? You seem to have two color selections listed as Seraphim. One contains the cooler tones (Glacial to Mariana), and the other contains more jewel tones (Flamingo to Kingfisher). Was the second Seraphim intended to have a more bird-identified name?

  2. LOL no, that was a mistake on my part. Glacial to Mariana is actually the Siren pack! I'll edit and fix it. (and thanks for the heads up!)

    I also realized I can't do math - the fatpack is L$625, not L$425. That's what I get for doing this stuff when I'm tired :P


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