Friday, January 9, 2015

Warpaint, halos, and events!

This month Devae. is in two events and I have a new release for each!

First off up is "Timekiller", an intimate, gothy start to the year hosted by slGoth magazine that runs until the 18th of January. The theme is 'time' and there is a great collection of designers and lots of events. Read more about it here.

My item for this event is the Janus Halo, a glowy clock halo in two sets overflowing with pretty colors.

Devae. Frills/Janus Halo

Devae. Frills/Janus Halo - Metals colorsDevae. Frills/Janus Halo - Birthstone colors

Teleport to Timekiller

The second event is "Leaf on the Wind", an awesome London themed benefit for Scarlet Chandrayaan that runs until February 2nd. You can read all the details and track the donations on the website here.

My item for the event is a set of 8 makeups (4 designs) inspired by the history of Boudicca, who burned Londinium to the ground in revenge.

Coming soon to Leaf on the Wind event!

Teleport to Leaf on the Wind

Note! both items are discounted 25% off for the duration of the event, so pick em up today! And have fun!

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