Friday, August 15, 2014

Slink nail appliers, in horn colors!

Hello my darlings, Devae. finally has a news!

The FIRST order of business is that Devae. is in a new location. It's the same, sim, actually, just relocated to a larger and more permanent position! Wanna check it out? Go here!

Secondly ... a NEW release for once!

Devae. Slink Nail Appliers: Horny :D

I always wanted my nails to match my horns, so I finally got around to Slink-ifying my horn textures! The HUDs are super easy to use, and they color both fingernail and toenails at the same time - super efficient! You DO absolutely need at least one set of Slink hands or feet, otherwise these HUDs won't do anything for you other than clutter up your screen :P

They are currently available in all horn colorpacks and a fatpack, and I even set up a wearable demo, so you can try them to make sure they look ok to you :)

Find them in world at the new location (see above), or alternately on the Marketplace! Enjoy!

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