Friday, March 14, 2014

NEW! Poet Camis for the ladies!

Poet Camis!

I love how airy and summery these tops are :D

Here's the run down: They come with six sizes. The sizes are a bit strange (mostly to do with various bust sizes), NOT standard sizing, so it's absolutely imperative that you try the demo. If you have no chest whatsoever, you'll have a hard time fitting in them, unfortunately, but for the bustier - these are way cute and fun!

There are 96 colors in all, divided into 5 different groups. You can pick them up individually, by pack, or giant fatpack if you are so inclined!

So, if your bored and can't get into skin fair and want something to do, come on over to my shop and give these a try :D

Here is your taxi!

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