Thursday, October 17, 2013

System Failure & HORRORFEST

.{Rue}. has amped up for Halloween and this month we're not only in "We Love Role-Play" but we are also in TWO MORE events, and there are some new releases at each!

Opening today (October 17th) at 6pm SLT/PST ...

Click the picture to go to the  blog with all the info!
A long time ago House of Ruin (Ruina's old brand) was in one of Pulse Games' Halloween game/hunts and it was so much fun! For those unfamiliar with how it works - it's a massive horror themed game that takes place in a truly breathtaking build. You have to solve puzzles and figure out the story to get to the end. Along the way, there are all kinds of goodies hidden throughout the game by all the supporting designers. At the end of the build you'll find a little souvenir shop filled with cool stuff from all the designers who hide stuff along the way!

So, this year, I've released some new EYES to go with the computer-y theme of the build: Singularity

click the image to view larger
The eyes mostly look human ... except they've got a tiny little camera lens for a pupil. The name is a reference to the technological singularity - a concept and prediction about the future combination of technology with humanity. There's some very interesting stuff out there about it if you're curious, but you can start with the wikipedia page about it.

So, back to the hunt - You'll find the full release of the eyes (many of which match the old Tonic Eyes) ONLY in the shop at the end of the game, but one color set you'll have to hunt down in the game itself: the Static set:

click the image to view larger
Each color is in a shield with the .{Rue}. logo, and there are a total of 6 shields from .{Rue}. for you to find:
this is what you are looking for!

Keep an eye out for shields from all the other designers too! Good luck!


Opening on October 18th at 12:01am SLT/PST ...

Click the picture to go to the  blog with all the info!
.{Rue}. has the honor of participating in HORRORFEST this year! For this event I decided to releases my extra creepy Lotus Eater eyes. Trypophobics beware!

click the image to view larger
I was inspired by the very creepy lotus pods that many on the internet have photoshopped onto things it they really shouldn't be photoshopped onto, to great and horrific effect. Well, they creep *me* out, at any rate lol. The full release will be available at HORRORFEST, with two color packs (Haunted & Vicious) donating 100% proceeds to The Epilepsy Therapy Project, and the fatpack will donate 25%!

Themis has also put out her beautiful Dream Corsets!

So you'll be able to have a little gothic fashion to dress up your creepy eyes. These come in lots of gorgeous color packs, and of course there is a demo and a fatpack.

IN ADDITION - this is the first year that HORRORFEST is also hosting a grid hunt!

Starting the same day as the fest, the hunt connects all the HORRORFEST sponsors in one gridwide hunt so you get a chance to see all the sponsors actual shops. If you click the poster at the shops it'll give you an invite to the hunt group, so you can connect with other hunters and some of the designers. Each item to find is 1L. Ours contains 3 special hunt colors of the Lotus Eater eyes:

It's very easy to find, promise ;)

Enjoy! Happy hunting! And most importantly HAPPY HALLOWEEN. <3

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