Saturday, August 3, 2013

We Love Roleplay for August!

A new round of "We <3 Roleplay" will be opening up at 3pm SLT tomorrow (the 4th), and this month I've put out some colorpacks of a horn that haven't been available for a little while: Pyromancer!

I picked the warmer colorpacks inspired by summer and the fiery nature of the hornset ^_^ These are ONLY available at "We <3 Role-Play" for the duration of this round. Afterwords, I'll put out all the rest of the colors and the fatpack. Which reminds me ...

Because of a very generous offer from a friend .{Rue}. won't disappear *entirely* from inworld. We'll be keeping a small 'info center' at the Aurora Vale shop, where you'll be able to find the subscriber, group joiners, news, and a thing or two to purchase :)

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