Thursday, March 21, 2013


So, a few of pieces of information -

1. The important little thing I should get out of the way - if you've been using an old LM in the past couple of days, you've probably been confused to find yourself on an empty spot of land. No, you aren't crazy. I was unceremoniously evicted from Netherfield by some people that I'm gonna be pissed at for a while.

Have no fear, though! I've got a nice cozy little place back on the sim House of Ruin ended its reign - Aurora Vale! I'm rather happy to be back with Cherelle and Helena. It's not a large shop, and I'll have to move stuff onto the Marketplace as I release new things (or re-release old things lol), but it's lovely, and it's homey, and it makes me happy. So! Update your LMs: .{Rue}. on Aurora Vale

2. I said I'd make more boot colors and I diiiiid, and just in time for Spring too! :D

.{Rue}. Soles / Sass Boots - Ostara packs!

My family is not at all religious, but dying eggs for easter has been a hardcore family tradition since I was tiny. Even though me and my siblings are all adults now, we still gather at my family's house every Easter to have an egg dying party, hide eggs, and inevitably be unable to find at least one of them until months later LOL

Anyway, so, Easter Egg dying was the inspiration for these colors. And since the dying of eggs for spring is a pretty ancient tradition, even older than the Christian holiday, I've named the set for the Germanic Goddess that Easter takes it's name from: Ostara.

As I mentioned when I released the basic packs, you can use these HUDs interchangeably with other sets. So if you want these bright colors with black toe/boot/sole (from the Basics packs), you can do that! Just remember the square buttons are for the boot upper, and the round texture buttons are for the bottom parts.

These are out RIGHT NOW. Each set has 10 colors and is L$300 each. The fatpack of all 12 is L$1800. There is a demo, please try it!

Enjoy, and happy spring everyone <3


  1. So were you told you had to clear out right away, or...? Because I have friends who also have to leave the sim, but they were given a week's notice last night.

    Still, argh all around. But yay for being back in Aurora Vale!

  2. A notice was sent out to the System Anarchy group *after* everything had been returned (the entirety of Eclectic Desires was returned), and the land sold within hours - and this was a few days ago. So, I don't know where your friends are, but if their stuff is still down, it wasn't where I was.

  3. haha and agreed! Aurora Vale is kinda of home to me. I'd forgotten how much I missed being there.

  4. They were on a quarter of the sim, so it could be that parcel's going on the auction block later on. I do know they're still looking for a place to relocate, but they've got some leads, so they might be leaving in the next day or so, depending.


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