Monday, December 17, 2012


Well, I've mostly been slacking lately - RL is of course kind of crazy with the holidays, so SL has been an escape lately, rather than work. But! I did get something done, and you might find this kind of exciting :)

Firstly, I got the Cassiopeia eyes all loaded up and set for sale again.

.{Rue}. Update: 2012.12.17 - Eyes

... but this time there's an added surprise - They now also have MESH contacts. The textures for the Cassiopeia eyes weren't intended for mesh originally, so they aren't as high-def as they should be, be even so, there is a bit more clarity to them. There are some in the demo too, so you can try them to see if the difference matters to you.

And if you bought them before and want an update, let me know. I don't have an easy way to send out updates, but I'm happy to figure out a proof of purchase method with you so I can give you the goods :)

Second - facepaints!

.{Rue}. Update: 2012.12.17 - Painted

These two (DreamWarrior and Moth) are now both loaded up and set for sale also. The DreamWarrior makeup now has Demos! The demos are not wearable, but at least folks can try them out first now. Also, both Moth and DreamWarrior have had a few colors added to their collections - they are colors that I was holding in reserve for other projects that I've decided not to do, so now you can buy them!

I'm also going to start doing something new for my little VIP group "Purlieu of .{Rue}.". I always send out a special color or pack of each new thing I release as a gift, but of course those gifts are gone once they've been in the notices for 15 days. So. I've decided to set up old gift at a discounted price *just for group members*. I'm not sure when this will happen, but it will. This way even new members can get old gifts. I'll let you know what and when as that whole project progresses. ;)

Love & Monsters, Ruina "Sunshine Tentacles" Kessel


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