Sunday, September 30, 2012


It is SUNDAY at last! Cassiopeia can shine in all her glory!

{Rue} ADs2 EYES Cassiopeia

This lovely set of alien eyes have three white pupils to match the constellation of their namesake, Cassiopeia. Presented in my standard 102 colors, each system eye comes with a matching pair of prim eyes.

{Rue} Eyes-ColorChart Cassiopeia

But WAIT. Before you rush down to the .{Rue}. mainstore - this first appearance of Cassiopeia's eyes is actually at The Eldergoth Macabre's September Release Party ... which just so happens to coincide with the end of the Lovecraft Fest on the Innsmouth sim. SO! Just for the event, I'm marking down the Mythos set of eyes to L$55:

{Rue} AD cassiopeia Colorset mythos

 Take note! Once the eyes go back to the mainshop, that set will be regular price!

IN ADDITION! There's also a little hunt for the duration of the Release party - I've put some extra colors of eyes and a few extras of my Hungry Deep hairs in 3 objects hidden around the market area. The object is flat and looks like this:

Well now, after all that I guess you deserve a nitty gritty and such, eh? 
Here's the deets: 
- the Party starts at 5pm *SLT*, and there's a costume contest to be the most lovecraftian!
- the market is open NOW and there lots of good stuff there! come check it out!

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