Thursday, July 5, 2012

Oh my Goodness! New Things!

At long last, I have managed to get some new things done! I can't promise any regularity in releases in the upcoming months as my Real Life is getting busy and weird, but I have lots of stuff boiling on many back-burners, so don't lose hope my pretties! ONWARD!

Firstly, as some of you may recall, I've made a foray into hair making, which resulted in this odd little number that I made for the Crazy Hair Hunt: TheHungryDeep. Well, I promised I'd put it out in the rest of the horn colors, and sure enough, I have!

.{Rue}. Manes / TheHungryDeep
(I felt this hair deserved some brooding, clearly)

I do plan to make some proper hair with proper hair texture, but seeing as how this hair is really more tentacle than hair, I made it in my horn textures which really made it pleasingly unsettling. As an added bonus, I've put out the Hobgoblin pack (once upon a time made for Moody Mondays) out for $L55 as a release day special for the next couple of days! After that, it'll go up to my typical 6-color pack price of $L175, so get it now while it's cheap!

NEW! .{Rue}. Horn'd Textures: Hobgoblin (Moody Mondays exclusive)

If you're not in my group (Purlieu of .{Rue}.) then you're missing out on the Nymph color set, which is one of 2 group gifts currently sitting in notices. The group does have a fee which is L$200 when there aren't gifts in the group. The price goes up while gifts are in the notices, so it's worth it to join in between my releases ;)

NEW Exclusive Colorpack: Nymph


I have gotten a number of requests over the months to put out my old House of Ruin Gemstone eyes. Being ever the perfectionist, simply putting them out was not good enough for me. Instead, I decided to reinvent them and make something much better looking (in my opinion): I present to you the Jewel Eyes.

.{Rue}. Eyes / Jewel

These lovely faceted eyes look amazing with their prims, which have full bright and glow on, and I must say, I'm really pleased with how they turned out! Of course I made them in lots of colors, as is typical - check the chart below!

.{Rue}. Eyes / Jewel color chart

As with my last eye release, the Mythos pack is marked down to $L55 for the next couple days, so be sure to pick em up before they go up to regular price!

.{Rue}. Eyes / Jewel : Mythos

Oh, AND, this lovely set below, Delirium, is a group only gift, just sitting in notices waiting for a loving home:

.{Rue}. Eyes / Jewel GROUP GIFT

That's it from me for now! Enjoy these little creations, my dear monsters <3

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