Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Current Happenings at .{Rue}.

So, I'm a little late on the first one and a little early on the second, but they both last for the month, so I think you can forgive me :P This year I was excited to be invited to the Crazy Hair Hunt run by Treebee Withnail!

I've been wanting to make hair for a while, and I think this is an excellent reason to start. And, of course, it's gotta be quirky. Introducing TheHungryDeep:

.{Rue}. Manes: The Hungry Deep

Yep, those are fish in the hair LOL, but have no fear, there's a fishless version too. For the hunt, I've put out the hair in my 7seas Siren set of horn textures (they make good tentacle textures too!). Afterwards, siren will be added to the 7seas custom prizes you can get at the lake, and I'll release all the rest of the colors for regular consumption :)

You can get all the details about the hunt from any of the posters you'll find at the participating shops, but here's the starting point to give you somewhere to start: The U-neek. There's a group too so you can get helpful hints and such, just search for "Crazy Hair Hunt group". Enjoy!


This year I've also had the distinct honor of being a sponsor for the Wear Gray 2012 market!

Wear Gray 2012

I'm really excited about this event - it's run by one of the sweetest SL residents I've ever known, and it's for a great cause! The sim looks beautiful and is set up in an easy to navigate way, so you should have the most painless experience possible at an event such as this :)

Starting on the 6th of April, you'll be able to pick up my new release for this event - a skin called "Neuromancer":

.{Rue}.'s new skins for Wear Gray!

The design is neuron inspired, and enhances the face, chest, and back of the skins. The colors shown above directly benefit the charity, donating 100% of their purchase price. There are 4 more colors available at the event too. Right now, that's all there is, but if people like the design enough and want other colors, then I'll consider releasing them (that means, if you like them but want different colors, let me know!).

Oh AND! To encourage shopping at the event, I've put EVERYTHING in my shop there 50% off! That means that all the skins are 300L each, the Wraith packs of horns, and gray eyepacks are 75L, and the gray Moth facepaint is 30L!

So, mark your calendars!! I'll post the slurl when the event opens! In the meantime, check out the official blog for updates, a peek at who's gonna be there, and more: Wear Gray for a Day

EDIT: Here the link! Wear Gray for a Day Market

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