Tuesday, November 22, 2011

I love it when the things I create make me excited!

I made a new thing! And I'm super excited about it! Check it out:

.{Rue}. Paint'd / Moth
Aren't they pretty? I referenced a picture of a real life silkmoth and then just ran with it, and I'm so very pleased with how they turned out. And they're available NOW at both locations! There's 12 different colors at 60L each, and each color comes with 2 styles - a bold one and a softer semi-transparent one. There's a fatpack AND a free wearable demo! I even have a special color as a gift in my group "Purlieu of .{Rue}." (there's a 100L join fee, just a heads up).

In other news ...

NEW Exclusive Colorpack: Nymph

I'm retiring the "Nymph" colorpack from public consumption. Since it was made for the Everwilde sim, which .{Rue}. is no longer on, it just bothers me to have them out, and anyway they take up precious prim counts lol. SO! I've put them all on sale for 75L (that's a 100L off) at my Ctrl Shift H location (they're impossible to miss - I've piled them in the middle of the floor). They'll be there until sometime after Monday (the 28th) and then they'll be gone! So if you wanted that color in any of the horn styles, go pick em up!

OH yeah, one last thing - I also noticed that I forgot to blog my new horns that I put out recently (a week ago? 2 weeks ago? >_>) so here's a quick look:

.{Rue}. Horn'd / Chancellor .{Rue}. Horn'd / Shaman .{Rue}. Horn'd / Ranchero .{Rue}. Horn'd / Inquisitor .{Rue}. Horn'd / Overseer

These are all available at the Mainshop in the standard colors and at the Ctrl Shift H shop in the exclusive "Seraph" colorpack.

I'm working on updating my Marketplace listings, so things are a bit spotty at the moment, but I'll let you all know when it's done and available ;)

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