Sunday, August 21, 2011


I HAVE MORE HORNS! AND A COOL EVENT! AND MORE COLORS! AND and and ... did I mention horns? Ok ok ok, let's start from the top - Ready?

Numero Uno: Five New Hornsets!

This time around, all 5 are "new" (though you may have seen sneak peeks of them a over the months): Diver, PearlDiver, Pyromancer, Priestess, and Occultist...

.{Rue}. Horn'd / Diver .{Rue}. Horn'd / PearlDiver .{Rue}. Horn'd / Pyromancer .{Rue}. Horn'd / Priestess .{Rue}. Horn'd / Occultist
You can find them all at my Ctrl Shift H shop, all set up and ready to go. I don't have them up on the Marketplace yet, but I will do my best to get that done this week. As a side note, you can click through any of the pictures above to see them larger ;)

Numero Dos: Goth Pride Event!

Club Nexropolis and The Eldergoth Macabre put together a sweet event called "Goth Pride", and it's in support of the LGBT, Goth, and Industrial communities of SL. There's lots of great designers, clubs, groups, DJs, Hosts, and music to be had! Of course I am proud to join them! I have 4 of the 5 new releases there (in Wraith, Demon, and Faerie :D), as well as an *exclusive gift* of those horns in a color I call "SummerStorm". The event lasts until the end of Sunday, so hurry by to pick up the gift! Because once it's over, the gift will be gone!

Click here for GOTH PRIDE

Numero Tres: New exclusive colorpacks

I've always thought it sort of silly in SL to have multiple satellite shops all carrying the same things, since distance is a non-issue in this virtual world. As a creator it's definitely easier to just put whatever in a shop, but as a shopper I never have a reason to go to said satellites - I'll just head to the main spot where everything is! Which is unfortunate, because many sims go to extra lengths to be a pleasurable experience just to hangout in. Well, I'd rather add to that effort, instead of just take advantage of it.

With that in mind, I've been working on some ways to make my satellite shops unique, and yet still representative of my work. My first real foray into this is unique colorpacks for my horns! Let me introduce you to them - Seraph & Nymph:

NEW Exclusive Colorpack: Seraph NEW Exclusive Colorpack: Nymph
Seraph is exclusive to my Ctrl Shift H location, and is inspired by birds. Nymph is exclusive to my Everwilde location, and is inspired by native Texas flowers. These packs are a little bit more expensive than my standard ones (175L instead of 150L) because they've actually got more colors in them - 14 horns in all for each, versus the usual 10. I've added color testers for both to my "Innocent" pack, so you can try them out before committing to them.

And because there are always prim limits ... On Everwilde, I *only* have the Nymph pack out right now, while on Ctrl Shift H, only the new releases are up in their standard colors. All previous horns are up in the Seraph pack.

Numero Quattro: MOODY MONDAY.

NEW! .{Rue}. Horn'd Textures: Hobgoblin (Moody Mondays exclusive)

 And last but never ever least, there is a Moody Monday to go with all this newness! By now I hope you know where to find it, but in case you don't (or are new! HI!) It's at my Ctrl Shift H location - just look for the pyramid stack of boxes with an Owl on top ;) And remember, those horns in that colorpack (Hobgoblin) are only available until Monday is over!

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  1. Hi there!

    This is a really simple fix, but all the links you have for your store locations, whether they're Everwilde or Ctrl-Shift-H, are for the Everwilde location.

    But yay for new color packs! *waves arms like Kermit*


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