Saturday, June 18, 2011

The 2nd Wave

Hello my darlings! I have released 5 more hornsets at my little shop on the Ctrl Shift H sim! Check em out:

Re-released House of Ruin style "Chirurgeon":
{Rue} AD Horn'd Style Chirurgeon

Brand new styles "Bully", "Hunter", "Vestal", and "Chieftain":
{Rue} AD Horn'd Style Bully {Rue} AD Horn'd Style Hunter
{Rue} AD Horn'd Style Vestal {Rue} AD Horn'd Style Chieftain

I haven't quite gotten around to setting these horns up on the Marketplace, but I will get that when I can. For now, head to my main shop to pick up the demos and try them out! :)

Oh! And! since another Moody Monday is coming up - I have the Hobgoblin pack of each of the new styles out for 55L each. Remember, this pack is exclusive to Moody Mondays, which means after Monday, you will not be able to get these horns in these colors again!

NEW! .{Rue}. Horn'd Textures: Hobgoblin (Moody Mondays exclusive)

<3 Rue

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