Wednesday, May 1, 2013

May Day News

Today .{Rue}. brings you lots of news! First being that .{Rue}. is participating in the Aeva/Heartsick fundraiser to help our fellow comrade who's computer has failed. As many of us know SL is both a refuge and a place to meet some of the most amazing people, so .{Rue}. would like to continue supporting that and giving back a little to someone who has blessed SL with her creations and her personality. If you would like to find out more or contribute you can find more information here:

The next news is .{Rue}. has new releases and the location of a new store is released! We will be keeping the Aurora store so don't worry! We've just added another mainstore which has different goodies available in it.

dates: May 1st - 14th
I'll bring the lips into the store after the event
group gift is available in both Purlieu of .{Rue}. AND Aeva // Heartsick VIP groups

Now on to the new releases!

Midnight Caress


Lastly! .{Rue}. is participating in the TSG hunt 'Lust' so if you want your goodie then you must join the group to get the prize! secondlife:///app/group/84c4fa82-b54a-19e9-61d2-992cceb28f84/about .
The hunt runs from May 1-31.

The prize is located at the SLURL above for the new releases! Have fun and enjoy!!

Location to obtain the threads:

Have a great day everyone, kiss kiss <3

.{Rue}. Team
Ruina Kessel 'Sunshine Tentacles'
Themis Enzo 'Feather of Ma'at'

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