Saturday, April 2, 2011

Fantasy Faire!

I didn't get a booth at the faire because I do not have enough new stuff to warrant one, BUT! I did make an item for the Fantasy Faire RFL auction!

Introducing "Dream Warrior", a lovely facepaint design (on the viewer 2 tattoo layer), colored in vibrant colors (that match the Cabal skins)! The item for the auction includes not only facepaints, but also a small collection of eyes from a new line that I'm doing, called "Dreamer". The colors in the ad above are *exclusive* to the auction. That means only 2 people in SL will have them - me, and whoever wins the auction! Once Fantasy Faire is open, I will release the rest of the colors of Dream Warrior and Dreamer :)

Want to bid? Find the auction here!

<3 Rue

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