Thursday, March 17, 2011

For Japan, with love!

The tragedy in the Pacific is heartbreaking. It's been a constant barrage in the news of just absolutely horrifying news. I was taking it all pretty well until I saw a video of a woman crouched at the edge of some wreckage just weeping her heart out. That was the moment I finally wept myself.

I don't have anything new to offer at the moment, but I thought I'd set some of my old items, and some Starfuker eyes, (all on xstreet) to donate 100% to the Pacific Crisis Fund for as long as donations are accepted. Pictures and links are below, and don't forget to visit the event in world!

Link to Foggy Suicide Xstreet Listing
Link to Blood Tick Xstreet Listing
Link to Nova Xstreet Listing

Link to Rose Eclipse Xstreet Listing

L$300 Link to Mochi Xstreet Listing

L$700 Link to Blood Xstreet Listing

$L700 Link to Silver Xstreet Listing

L$300 Link to Blush Xstreet Listing

L$300 Link to Xstreet Listing

L$300 Link to Blush Xstreet Listing

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