Sunday, November 28, 2010

Ruina quietly slips back in ...


So, I've been planning on opening shop again, at least on the SL marketplace site. I've been trying to decide how to do it, and figured I'd wait at least until my nice computer (with all of my files *wail*) is fixed. BUT! Luna Jubilee issued an awesome and fun challenge that I'm enjoying so much that I figured it'd be a good excuse to bring out some oldies-but-goldies, dust em off, and offer them for any who would find them useful.

To that end - find the re-issued "House of Ruin" items that match this week's color challenge (week 4: plum) on my newly christened marketplace shop - .{Rue}.

I'll be posting next weeks as soon as I get them packed up :)

<3 Rue

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