Monday, May 3, 2010

SKINS! At long last!

Well now, I have finally released some skins! Shocking, I know ;)

So, Llyra Constantine, mistress of the Avalon Myst Faentasy Market (one of the places I have a satellite shop) gave me the honor of being featured for the month of May! These means I get a corner to set up some extra things besides what I already have at that location. So I thought I'd be clever, and have a sort of initial release of my skins there :) (This means that you can only get the skins at that location for now. See the bottom of the post for a Slurl.)

The skin line is called "Cabal", in honor of Clive Barker and his creatures of Midian. The first skin if this is the basic-no makeup one, called "Naif". This has, for the most part, all of the skin tones I will be working with in the Cabal line - there's 51 one of them!!

][.R.][ Cabal Skins: Naif
Shown in: Sapphire, Clematis, Mauve

][.R.][ Cabal Skins: Naif Reference Guide

These come in sets of 3 skintones for L$345, though you can contact me to buy them individually for L$150 each. The fatpack, for all 51 skintones, is L$3825.

The second skin I've released is called "Wisp", inspired by Will-O-Wisps.

][.R.][ Cabal Skins: Wisp
Shown in: Moss, Dagon, Anemone

][.R.][ Cabal Skins: Wisp Reference Guide
All available colors of the Wisp makeup.

There are only 14 of these, and you can get them individually for L$150 each. I intentionally choose to make them only darker colors because will-o-wisps appear only at night, and I pictured them having an odd sort of camouflage. The fatpack is L$1050 for all 14 skintones.

As with all my new releases these are transfer, but you can contact me for no-transfer/copy-allowed versions.

Ready to get colorful? You can pick them up here:

Also, should you happen to take some snaps wearing these I'd be really excited to see them! If you've got a Flickr account, feel free to post them in our House of Ruin group:

~ Rue

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