Thursday, May 20, 2010

Moar Newness!

Ok, I'm a bit late, but I'm still within the week of the release! HA!

So, on sunday, I opened up my new shop build, and finally got my new releases out, and things are much better now. The Skins are now at the mainshop, and there are a few additions too:


Tonic is basically replacing the retired Spectrum eyes. They're essentially human in style, but with some really lovely, jewel-like colors.

][.R.][ Eyes: Tonic

][.R.][ Eyes: Tonic Reference Guide

Tonic XXX is the dark sister of Tonic, and replaces the retired Shadow line. Same great iris colors, new improved gothy sclera!

][.R.][ Eyes: Tonic XXX Reference Guide

][.R.][ Eyes: Tonic XXX Reference Guide


New horns! I'm excited about getting this out of my inventory and into the public eye:

The Archivist
][.R.][ Horned: The Archivist
Shown in Caterpillar from the Fae Folk set

The Chirurgeon
][.R.][ Horned: The Chirurgeon
Shown in Ember from the Elemental set

The Dauphin
][.R.][ Horned: The Dauphin
Shown in Betelgeuse from The Stripes set

The Sentinel
][.R.][ Horned: The Sentinel
Shown in Luciferase from the Demonkin set

I did a bit of rearranged of the horn color packs too -
][.R.][ Horned: The color packs
I think this is a much better organization, personally. The Rack & Ruin pack only set comes ONLY in the fatpack, and the 7seas color is only ever available fishing from Aurora Vale's mountain fishing hole. I haven't gotten those guys set up yet for this batch though. I'll let you know when I do.

That's it for this edition! <3 Rue

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