Tuesday, April 20, 2010

On the Hunt for Harpy Feathers!

So, Ms. Helena Stringer, of the fantastic Stringer Mausoleum, is throwing a massive birthday event for the next couple of weeks. Part of it is a sim wide hunt, and I have the honor of participating :)

I made some horns, skins, and eyes for the hunt, and had a lot of fun creating them. See some examples below!

War Harpy!

I also made a rather ... odd ... shape, to go with the theme of the event -

War Harpy 2

The hunt is not an easy one, so consider yourself warned :P

You can start the hunt at ][ . House of Ruin . ][ if you are so inclined :) Be sure to click the poster so you get all the info!

<3 Ruina

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