Friday, February 19, 2010

Precious and the Montana Goldrush

Hi guys! Jalestra here with a new release and some important information!

Many folks know about the Montana Goldrush. If you don't, know that Margo Imako, designer of Steambound, was diagnosed with Mucinous Adenocarcinoma of the Appendix. She had a surgery in September to go after the tumors. She needs a second surgery at the end of February. However, this surgery is very expensive. The surgery is a requirement, not an option and many designers are doing everything they can to try to help her. Thus the Montana Goldrush. A large group of designers selling many new things, including some limited editions, with the money going to Margo's treatment and only for the next 3 days (Feb. 19-23)! If you have anything you can contribute, please feel free to IM any of the following people: Aislyn Darcy, RaeRae Ruxton or April Loire.

Now, what has all this to do with House of Ruin? Well, Ruina has four gorgeous new additions that she has up at the Montana Gold rush, and one limited addition. I am loving her branching out and this are definitely worth having and for a great price too! The ad pictures don't do them justice and this is skin taken to an artform as only Ruina can. I'll be happy to come model these for you guys just for a chance to run around in them.

For a really great price you get 4 skins, a set of system eyes, a set of prim eyes, and 1 pair of horns. You should get these if you just love a deal. The price is even better if you buy the Rack & Ruin pack that holds all five sets. If you click on these you can go to my flickr page and blow them up for good viewing. Direct TP to Ruina's booth but be sure to look around at the other booths. It's all for a good cause!

][R][ Precious ADs gold1024x2048

This gold is limited to the next 3 days only at the Montana Goldrush.
][R][ Precious ADs sapphire1024x2048

][R][ Precious ADs dagon1024x2048

][R][ Precious ADs blood1024x2048

Also, I'm working on the blog design. So if you notice continuing small changes, it's just me!


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