Monday, September 28, 2009

House of Ruin has moved!

New Shop: Alcove

The mainstore has moved to Aurora Vale, Helena Stringer & Cherelle Capra's newish sim. The whole sim is awesome, and I'm friends with both of the ladies, so I jumped at the chance to be their neighbor, and I have not regretted that decision in the slightest. The shop is no longer under the sea. Instead, it's gotten a facelift and now floats in the air, a kind of mysterious looking temple. I'm really happy with the build, so I expect it will stick around for a little while.

And since I'm so happy to have a new spot that I love, I made a gift to share with everybody :). Inside you'll find a few eyes from a series I've not yet released. I think it will be sometime in the future though, because I sure love them!

Plasmid Eyes: Gift at the New Shop

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